Episode 94: Best Of Dan.

While we’re on vacation Dan compiled a few clips of his favorite moments from prior episodes. This is a great opportunity for newer listeners who may not have listened to our older episodes to be familiarized with previous topics (or for long-time listeners who may have forgot). As you’ll hear, underneath all of the jokes and clowning around Dan is truly passionate about poverty and racial inequality.

(2:11) Episode 51: Juvenile Hell.
(4:59) Episode 63: Living On A Prayer.
(9:14) Episode 49: The Justice Gap.
(17:48) Episode 80: Black In America.
(20:12) Episode 39: Racial Integrity.
(24:34) Episode 76: National Emergency.
(32:08) Episode 48: Stand Your Ground.
(39:32) Episode 44: Mississippi Appendectomy.
(45:12) Episode 40: The New Jim Crow.

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