Episode 107: Bill Of Information vs. Indictment

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This week Ann, Becky and Dan randomly discuss Dan’s testicle surgery. We then get into the Tennessee man suing Popeyes for $5000 for a bent rim, gas money, and paying some random person $25 on Craigslist who took his money. Becky shares how her former place of employment was raided by the FBI, FDIC and other agencies. We have a copy of one of the plea deals and Ann explains what the difference between an indictment and a Bill Of Information is.

(1:56) Deez Nuts.
(13:55) Popeyes Lawsuit.
(26:38) Loan Fraud.
(40:16) The FBI Raid.
(49:09) Indictment vs. Bill Of Information.
(57:21) Snitches Get Riches.
(1:04:04) Life Inside.

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