Episode 115: Missing Minority Children.

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Roughly 14% of all children in the US are Black but they make up 37% of missing children in the. Oddly the NCIC groups missing Latino children and white children together, which could exponentially raise the total number of missing minority children.

This week we discuss why minority children are missing at a higher rate than white children and receive far less media coverage. Key takeaways from this episode are that there’s NO 24 hour waiting period to report a missing person. Also do not allow the police to treat your missing child as a runaway if you don’t know for a fact that your child ran away.

(2:27) Amber Hagerman.

(16:22) Distrusting Police.

(22:21) Missing Children.

(38:58) Grooming.

(40:43) Missing Black Children.

(48:59) Exaggerate.


Black & Missing Foundation, Inc.
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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