Episode 140: Defund and Refund.

Ann and Dan agree with the consensus that “defund” the police is poorly titled and misrepresents what people are calling for. When most people hear defund the police they think it means completely abolishing the police. In reality, it’s a plan to redistribute some of the funding from police departments to places that will make a real difference in our communities. We also share our experiences and opinions on how the Black community being largely underfunded for has affected us generation after generation. Ann also has an impromptu therapy session with Dr. Dan.

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Episode 139: Black Lives Matter!

This week Dan is holding it down solo while Ann is MIA. Let’s blame it on Tropical Storm Cristobal or something. Dan shares his thoughts on how the racist “All Lives Matter” people can’t possibly believe their anti-black rhetoric. If they believe that all lives matter, they’d be outraged by racial inequality and the number of unarmed Black people murdered by the police. 
Dan also shares his thoughts on how protesters peacefully gathering with signs and snacks are being confronted by police in riot gear. He also echos @CEOHaize on different ways you can contribute without being on the front lines.

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Episode 138: An Honest Conversation

Ann and Dan have a Zoom conversation with Louisiana activists Sherry and Cherry Wilmore (Everyone’s Favorite Twins), as well as Y’mani Wright a recent Howard University graduate. We have an open conversation about the state of our community, especially after the murder of George Floyd, another unarmed Black man.

We share our thoughts on the protests, property damage, media coverage, etc. We also talk about how “Black on Black crime” when referring to proximity crime is a racist construct. Y’mani emotionally expresses her confusion and uncertainty.

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