Episode 151: Eviction Moratorium

This week we discuss the expiration of the eviction moratorium on 9/1. During the recording of this episode, another eviction moratorium was put into place lasting through the remainder of 2020. We also cold opened with a conversation we were having pre-show about a mutual friend who’s trying to get a better understanding of racism in America.

We close this episode with a look at how COVID and 2020 are affecting our mental health and daily lives.

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Episode 150: Voting Rights

With the 2020 presidential election nearing, we wanted to emphasize some of your rights as a voter. Things may look a little different in this election because of the COVID pandemic. We talk about things like provisional ballots, voter roll purging, paper ballots, and remaining in line if you were in line before 8 pm. Unfortunately, things differ in each state, your state may have an app or website that notifies you of your rights.

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