Episode 158: A Thankless Job (AFSL EP60)

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This is a conversation between Dan and PFromCharlotte from the latest episode of A Few Screws Loose, “A Thankless Job.”
The images that civilians typically see of the military, police officers, firefighters, etc. often make the jobs look glamorous. P shares how that’s not necessarily the case as he details his years of service as a firefighter and EMT. He talks about the 72-hour work-weeks, the constant training, drilling, seeing gruesome injuries, and death. The job prevented P from being able to sleep at night and making him become, what others would describe as, overly cautious. It also led to P’s PTSD diagnosis. None of this is to say the job didn’t have its positives.

You can check out “A Thankless Job” in its entirety on A Few Screws Loose.

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