Episode 154: Pro Se

This week we discuss Pro Se. Ann describes pro se as the law’s version of Pinterest (DIY). Ann recommends the use of an attorney for legal matters but lawyers aren’t always necessary. With a little know-how and the ability to read there is a lot you can do yourself. Some courthouses have self-help desks where a professional will help you complete and file legal documents. Ann gives a few examples of things that can be done pro se and things that probably shouldn’t be done pro se.

We also talk about Hoodie Season, no one wanting to take Dan’s money, and our recurring theme of marriage and community property.

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Episode 153: Wrong ANNswer (Stealing the Election)

The US still faces a major COVID crisis that threatens the health of our citizens and what’s left of our democracy. Mail-in voting presents a unique opportunity for the current administration to lose the presidential election but retain the presidency. It may sound like a far-fetched conspiracy theory, with the current president, it’s probably more likely than not. Joined by PFromCharlotte we discuss how Trump can steal this election if not enough people show up to vote in person. We also talk about the presidential succession order and Ann and P debate whether state representatives need a simple majority or a consensus to choose the president. Ann still hasn’t provided any us with any evidence to substantiate her claim.

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Episode 152: Blaxit (Black Flight)

Over the last 3.5 years, we’ve watched the United States become what we can only describe as a failed state. Race relations are rivaling that of the 50s and 60s. The mismanagement of our government, the pandemic, and our judicial system, coupled with the police brutality and murdering of Black people with impunity, many of us have at least considered leaving this country. This week we talk about Blaxit, Black leaving the US in record numbers. We also discuss tax implications, and where we would go if we left. We’re briefly joined by getting the hell out of Dodge expert @PFromCharlotte who is in the process of gaining Italian citizenship.

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Episode 151: Eviction Moratorium

This week we discuss the expiration of the eviction moratorium on 9/1. During the recording of this episode, another eviction moratorium was put into place lasting through the remainder of 2020. We also cold opened with a conversation we were having pre-show about a mutual friend who’s trying to get a better understanding of racism in America.

We close this episode with a look at how COVID and 2020 are affecting our mental health and daily lives.

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Episode 150: Voting Rights

With the 2020 presidential election nearing, we wanted to emphasize some of your rights as a voter. Things may look a little different in this election because of the COVID pandemic. We talk about things like provisional ballots, voter roll purging, paper ballots, and remaining in line if you were in line before 8 pm. Unfortunately, things differ in each state, your state may have an app or website that notifies you of your rights.

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Episode 146: Executive Disorder

Ann and Dan have a conversation about the power of the executive order and how Trump’s latest executive order isn’t constitutional. We also talk about colorism, racism, and how our culture, style, language, and even body images have been historically appropriated by non-Black people. Until about the early 90s things like having a “big butt,” braids, or natural Black hair was considered undesirable. Now it’s common for women of other ethnicities to have butt enhancement surgery, procedures to make their lips fuller, skin tanning, and wearing traditional Black hairstyles (among other things). 
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